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English Body Fat Calculator

English Standard Measurement Calculators – Metric Standard Measurement Calculators

Alternate Body Fat Calculation
Weight: lbs.
Waist: inches
Wrist:(women only) inches
Hip:(women only) inches
Forearm:(women only) inches

BMI Calculation
Military BMI Information:

  • Men: Maximum of 27.5
  • Women: Maximum of 27.5
  • Body Fat: Military uses an alternate formula to determine body fat (the calculation above).
Weight: lbs.
Height: inches


Harris Benedict Equation (BMR)
Activity level descriptions:

  • Sedentary: Little or no exercise
  • Lightly Active: Light exercise/sports 1-3 days per week
  • Moderately Active: Moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days per week
  • Very Active: Hard exercise/sports 6-7 days per week
  • Extra Active: Very hard exercise/sports and physical job or training twice per day
Weight: lbs.
Height: inches
Activity Level:

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