Can Hemorrhoid Cream Reduce Belly Fat?

Is it just a trend or some kind of weird craze that someone started on the Internet? Can you really lose belly fat by using hemorrhoid cream? This article delves into whether or not you can.

Hemorrhoid Ingredients And How It Works

Hemorrhoid creams contain several ingredients designed to reduce the swelling of blood vessels that become inflamed due to strain or pressure. These ingredients include witch hazel for the redness or discomfort and something called phenylephrine. This is a vasoconstrictor which acts on the skin and blood vessels to reduce swelling and discomfort.

It can also be used in cold medications to help relieve congestion by reducing the constriction in nasal passages. Many people have used products that contain phenylephrine to take care of healing hemorrhoids, nasal congestion, and colds. But, there are off-label uses for this medication as well.

One popular use of products such as Preparation H, a product containing phenylephrine, is to reduce undereye puffiness. This is an old remedy for bags and puffiness which has been known to work because of the power of the main ingredient. T

The trends and tips offered online for reducing belly fat overnight include using this same product. The idea is that using it will reduce the puffiness associated with greater belly fat. If it works for undereye bags, it stands to reason that it can work for belly fat. But, there is a bit of a catch.

To get any results from this method, you would need to use a lot of hemorrhoid cream or ointment and plastic wrap. You would need to apply the cream to your belly, wrap it with plastic wrap and leave it on for a long time.

Proven Method to Lose Tummy

In actuality, this method has been proven to work. It will not work to reduce belly fat itself, but it will shrink it. The results are temporary and usually last a few hours. Bodybuilders have been using this method for decades to achieve a more toned look, and they have succeeded using it.

You can get the same results by using a generous amount of Preparation H or any other over-the-counter cream or ointment. Apply it to your belly area and wrap it with the plastic wrap. Leave it on overnight if you can or for a few hours. Remove the wrap.

The results will amaze you. They only last a few hours, but your appearance will be noticeably more toned. You can apply more and repeat the process but beware that too much will dry the skin out to the point of causing scaling.

Should It Help?

There are no dangerous side effects from attempting this at all. You might feel uncomfortable wearing the wrap for a few hours. Some people find it constricting, or they feel too hot. It might make you feel this way but remember that the results will be worth it.

You will get a more toned appearance. It will not reduce belly fat itself, however. You will need to work on dieting and exercise for that.