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Belly Fat Quencher: How To Lose Those Unwanted Rolls

A belly that is flat is regarded as an achievement. It is also a sign from the outside that you are conscious about the way you eat and that you exercise. Beyond vanity aspects, if your torso is more chiseled, it will make you a lot stronger and far less susceptible to injuries.

This has to do with many muscles between the hips and shoulders that move and work with each other to keep your posture right.

Here are some great belly fat exercises to help you get that flat belly.


1.    Burpees

If you would like to lose fat around your belly, you have to work the largest group of muscles that you possibly can. One of the best exercises for abdominal fat is the burpee which is an explosive exercise. This exercise begins with a pushup-position into a jump and ends with the pushup position. This is the type of exercise that affects each and every muscle from your head down to your toes.

In a recent study, conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine, they discovered that 10 of these fast-paced reps is similar to revving up your metabolism like a 30-second all-out sprint. This offers you a way to burn the fat around your belly much faster than before.

How To Do It

Standing with the feet about shoulder-width apart, lower your position until your outstretched palms can comfortably touch the floor also around shoulder-width apart. The next step involves kicking the legs back into the pushup position, followed by performing one pushup. Quickly reverse this movement performing a jump as you stand up. This is 1 rep.


2.    Mountain Climber

You can think of this exercise like a moving-plank. Perform mini crunches by explosively drawing one knee in at a time towards your chest. The move is complex as your core is forced to work extra hard in order to keep the body straight and stable each time you are lifting one of your feet from the floor.

It is best to conduct this exercise in interval-style, which transforms into an outstanding conditioning move that increases your heart-rate along with burning many calories at the same time. Count to 20, while alternating from one foot to the other. Rest for 10 seconds between each repetition, repeating the process over a period of 4 minutes.

How To Do It

In the pushup position place your hands under your shoulder, so your body forms a line that is straight from your heels to your head. This is your starting position. Lift the left foot away from the floor, followed by driving the knee toward the chest. Now tap down on the floor with the same foot before returning to your starting position. Move from one leg to another for every repetition.


3.    Kettlebell Swing

It is said that the kettlebell swing may just be the very best of the calorie-torching exercises of today.  To move these heavy balls of iron, it is going to take huge fat-burning muscle groups such as the quads, hips, and glutes.

The nature associated with this movement is explosive that it quickly increases your heart rate while at the same time hammering your core.

The movement of a kettlebell from the top part of the swing will attempt to pull you forwards. This means you are forced to clench those abs like you would performing the standing plank.

How To Do it

Bending from the hips, your arms at arms-length to the front hold onto the bell with both of your hands. Rocking back slightly, swing the ball between your thighs. Now squeeze the glutes, thrusting the hips forcefully forward, swinging the kettlebell to the height of your shoulders. Follow up by reversing the movement back between the legs. Repeat the movement 10 to 12 times.

If you combine these belly fat quencher on a regular basis you will quickly see some improvements on your belly fat.


how to lose 70 pounds in 4 months

How To Lose 70 Pounds In 4 Months

Creating sustainable habits and a daily schedule on eating and exercise is important in successful weight loss.

Sustainable Habits For Losing Weight

How To Lose 70 Pounds In 4 Months? First, avoid overeating at all costs. It sounds obvious to do this, but a lot of willpower and discipline is required. In my case, I adhered to a diet plan for a few days, but suddenly I would indulge in over 3000 calories of food undoing the good work of the past 5-6 days. Immediately I would feel horrible, but this had already happened and could not be reversed.

I had a habit of immersing myself into periods of uncontrolled eating, and it took me around six to seven months to subdue my emotional eating and food addiction. For you, with the mindset manual, you will definitely be able to do this much faster. I would advise anyone who has not read it to pick it up immediately!

This is How To Lose 70 Pounds In 4 Months

I took the decision to follow this plan for 3-4 months without fail and be on the path to lose 70 pounds.

I shifted to consuming a lot of water accompanied by lemon juice to get rid of toxins from my system. To successfully do this, ensure you carry a water bottle with you and set the alarm at intervals of every 45 minutes so that you are alerted to take water.

Preparation of the water you take can be done beforehand, and I used to do it the previous day. Alternatively, you can schedule to do this in the morning then drink a glass of lemon water. This should be followed by your preferred morning workout routine.

After your workout always eat breakfast, then make a snack and have lunch at around one. Later in the day, I would consume two snacks followed by light dinner. I made it a habit to jog or walk for 30 minutes every morning, and I went for a strength workout in the gym at least twice a week. The workout was usually 30 minutes long.

The routine to help you lose weight Fast!

losing 70 pounds in 4 monthsMorning: – take a big glass of lemon water, best at room temperature.

My morning workout – There are a few intense workouts you can do, but it is appropriate to do a series of exercises as follows; a little warm up and stretch out for about 5 minutes, then do 10 push-ups, 10 burpees, 20 lunges, 20 squats, 50 jumping jacks, and 30 abdominal crunches. This routine should be repeated for 5 times. If you completely follow this routine, you will have burned approximately 200 calories within 15 – 20 minutes. This helps to improve your metabolism and blood flow. You can start this workout tomorrow!

Breakfast: Pick your favorite option from options I have provided in the diet manual.

Snack 1: a small portion of fruit salad

Early Lunch: another salad, grilled meat with a bit of light cheese and olive oil. Choose your preferred option from the diet plan.

Snack 2: I prefer something with a lot of proteins and as little calories as possible such as Protein Cookies that contain just 150 calories.

Dinner: grilled fish mixed with grilled vegetables which should be as raw as possible (boiled is fine but raw is best).


In between consume lemon water and freshly squeezed juice, around 2-3 liters; use vegetables such as carrots and beetroots that boost body metabolism instead of using fruits.

Throughout the entire day including the evening take more lemon which you can interchange with green tea.

2 crucial ingredients to always include in your meal plan are cinnamon and coconut oil. These two enable the body to burn fats quickly and hence are very important for any weight loss program.

If possible, use coconut butter or oil in your cooking. Always consume a teaspoon of coconut butter in the morning and likewise in the afternoon if you do not cook.

It comes with great flavor! Cinnamon can be sprinkled on your favorite beverage such as coffee or on fruits.


After following this routine for a period of more than three months, I shed over 70 pounds.

I highly suggest an afternoon workout for at least 2 days in a week. This one should be a bit longer stretching for at least 45 minutes so that you do a strength workout.

I also found using a massager brush on my legs and thighs to be helpful.

Massaging body areas such as thighs, stomach area and arms will expand blood flow and dissolve deposits of fats in these areas.

To achieve optimal results in usage, use it every day with your preferred cream. Coconut oil or olive oil are also great substitutes.

Stop searching “How To Lose 70 Pounds In 4 Months“. You have the plan just be on it. Persistence in this journey is important if you are fully dedicated to losing weight. Get rid of excuses, stop procrastination and keep up progress even when you do not feel like exercising.

My advice is START TODAY IF NOT NOW! Avoid pushing this down the road…do something, create a diet plan, set a workout routine and do not look back. Finally, do not forget to share this with your friends using the provided social media icons. Let this inspire them as well!

Can Hemorrhoid Cream Reduce Belly Fat?

Is it just a trend or some kind of weird craze that someone started on the Internet? Can you really lose belly fat by using hemorrhoid cream? This article delves into whether or not you can.

Hemorrhoid Ingredients And How It Works

Hemorrhoid creams contain several ingredients designed to reduce the swelling of blood vessels that become inflamed due to strain or pressure. These ingredients include witch hazel for the redness or discomfort and something called phenylephrine. This is a vasoconstrictor which acts on the skin and blood vessels to reduce swelling and discomfort.

It can also be used in cold medications to help relieve congestion by reducing the constriction in nasal passages. Many people have used products that contain phenylephrine to take care of healing hemorrhoids, nasal congestion, and colds. But, there are off-label uses for this medication as well.

One popular use of products such as Preparation H, a product containing phenylephrine, is to reduce undereye puffiness. This is an old remedy for bags and puffiness which has been known to work because of the power of the main ingredient. T

The trends and tips offered online for reducing belly fat overnight include using this same product. The idea is that using it will reduce the puffiness associated with greater belly fat. If it works for undereye bags, it stands to reason that it can work for belly fat. But, there is a bit of a catch.

To get any results from this method, you would need to use a lot of hemorrhoid cream or ointment and plastic wrap. You would need to apply the cream to your belly, wrap it with plastic wrap and leave it on for a long time.

Proven Method to Lose Tummy

In actuality, this method has been proven to work. It will not work to reduce belly fat itself, but it will shrink it. The results are temporary and usually last a few hours. Bodybuilders have been using this method for decades to achieve a more toned look, and they have succeeded using it.

You can get the same results by using a generous amount of Preparation H or any other over-the-counter cream or ointment. Apply it to your belly area and wrap it with the plastic wrap. Leave it on overnight if you can or for a few hours. Remove the wrap.

The results will amaze you. They only last a few hours, but your appearance will be noticeably more toned. You can apply more and repeat the process but beware that too much will dry the skin out to the point of causing scaling.

Should It Help?

There are no dangerous side effects from attempting this at all. You might feel uncomfortable wearing the wrap for a few hours. Some people find it constricting, or they feel too hot. It might make you feel this way but remember that the results will be worth it.

You will get a more toned appearance. It will not reduce belly fat itself, however. You will need to work on dieting and exercise for that.

What Is The Difference Between 5 Pounds Of Fat Vs Muscle

Getting in shape is a goal that many people have. However, the practice and level of commitment required to get in shape aren’t necessarily the easiest for anyone to achieve. Below, we will be going over some of the differences between 5 pounds of fat versus muscles.


Difference Between 5 Pounds Of Fat And Muscle

Fat Is Larger.

One of the most important things that you are going to want to note when you are trying to figure out the difference between fat and muscle is that muscle is much denser than fat.

Because of this, you are going to add a lot more ‘size’ on your body when you have 5 pounds of fat versus 5 pounds of muscle. This is why those that have a lot of muscle content on their body are lean and why those with a lot of body fat are much more ‘full.’

Putting on 5 pounds of muscle isn’t going to cause you to gain much in size. Whereas, putting on 5 pounds of fat is certainly going to be much more noticeable.


You’ll Gain Weight Either Way.

No matter what, you are going to gain weight when you put on muscle or fat. 5 Pounds of muscle and fat is 5 pounds. It is going to weigh the same, but you are going to end up gaining more size when you put on the 5 pounds of fat due to the density difference.


It’s Easier To Lose Fat.

Another important thing that you are going to want to note when you are looking at the difference between the two would be the fact that it is much easier to lose fat than it is to gain muscle.

This is mainly because muscle can be very difficult to build, whereas losing fat isn’t. All it takes to lose fat is a caloric deficit and the burning of more calories than you are taking in on a consistent basis.

Overall, there is a lot that you are going to want to do when you are looking to either lose weight or put on muscle. It is important to understand that fat is much less dense than muscle. Because of this, putting on 5 pounds of muscle is not going to be as noticeable as putting on 5 pounds of fat.

This is why those that gain even the smallest amount of weight end up showing it clearly. Whereas, those that put on a small amount of muscle are not going to be nearly as noticeable.

Fat OR Muscles

If you are looking to put on 5 pounds of muscle, you will want to eat a clean diet that consists of protein and healthy fats. Whereas, if you are looking to lose fat, you will want to eat largely the same type of diet but be sure that you are not consuming too many calories.

To lose weight, you will need to put your body at a caloric deficit. That way, your body begins to burn its fat for you.

Reasons for Uneven Fat Distribution

You Don’t Get A Say
In Where Fat Pops Up… Or Do You?

Our society is not happy with where the human body stores its lipids. Pop music tells us to exercise enough so that we can get “little in the middle” while at the same time ensuring that we maintain “much back” as they say. Many workouts promise to deal specifically with “problem areas” of unevenly fat distribution.

Fat Reallocation In Different Parts of Body

There are other means that are more drastic when it comes to distribution of uneven fat: The Kardashians prefer to have body fat move from their tummy to their buttocks. Some women, on the other hand, prefer it taken from their thighs to their breasts. These women choose surgery because nature stashes away excess energy in the form of flab.

And since it is hard to fight nature, these women think of ways to correct what nature has given them. If your body packs pounds on your butt, tummy or upper arms, you will continue to have fat in these areas as the body will always store fat in these areas.

Squats And Sit-Ups Can Help Shape Our Bodies

While squats and sit-ups can help shape our bodies in a different way, no amount of exercise or diet will change the area where your body stores lipids. The only way to make your body store lipids in a different place is by changing your sex hormones.

Two Major Drivers of Fat Storage

This is due to the fact that estrogen and testosterone are the two major drivers of fat storage and are the major reason why men and women have different body shapes when it comes to chub. Female bodies often store lipids in butts and thighs while male bodies store fat in the stomach.

It is also the reason why men have more cardiovascular problems than women. Abdominal fat exacerbates metallic issues and triggers metabolic changes that negatively affect the cardiovascular system.

However, it is not as straightforward as “testosterone can make you store fat in your stomach.” In fact, those men with low testosterone store lipids in their tummy. It is the reason why men with will get a potbelly look as they age (men’s natural testosterone levels reduce as they age).

Estrogen and testosterone facilitate leanness overall and androgens, a class of sex steroids that includes testosterone) have different effects depending on sex. This system is complex, and the fact that it is hard to study differences like this makes it more complicated.

Many people either remain biologically female or biologically male throughout their lives meaning that there are a few windows where we can determine how a significant change in sex hormones can have an impact on body fat. Puberty is the most obvious.

When the hormones of teenagers kick into high gear, they go through all kinds of bodily changes since estrogen and testosterone and to some extent, progesterone all promote secondary sex characteristics. Women develop breasts and wider hips while men suddenly put on muscle particularly in their chests. Men’s voices also deepen, and their testicles become mature.

Both men and women start growing body hair and experience a confusing new feeling of romance and lust which lead to some heartbreak. During puberty, we start to develop body fat in the characteristic places we mentioned earlier: men in the stomach and women in the butt and thighs.

This is due to the fact that adipose tissue in different parts of the human body has receptors for different types of hormones. Fat in the stomach, particularly, visceral fat surrounding the organs in our body respond well to androgens that is testosterone. Researchers believe that this is because of the fact that androgen receptors are present in visceral fat cells.

Subcutaneous Fat

Subcutaneous fat, which develops under our skin has estrogen receptors. Subcutaneous fat also produces and stores estrogen meaning that the more fat your body has, the higher your estrogen levels. This explains why people with very low body fat percentages will most likely stop menstruating since without enough estrogen around to control things the hormonal cycles are screwed up.

What Are The Causes Of Uneven Belly Fat And How Can You Eliminate It For Good?

It does not matter whether you call it a pooch, a pudge or a mommy pouch, nobody wants to have excess tummy fat, and they certainly do not want to have unbalanced tummy fat. However, if you are serious about getting rid of this type of fat, the first thing you will need to do is to figure out what is causing the excess fat in the first place.

Sometimes the answer is simple enough. You may be not working out as much, and you are enjoying one too many ice cream sundaes. The reality is, excess tummy fat can be caused by many different reasons. These reasons can include:

  • A recent pregnancy
  • Genetics
  • Hormonal imbalance

The following will provide you on the most common reasons for Belly Bulges, as well as the various reasons to help make them flatter.


During her childbearing years, a woman will carry excess fat in her thighs and hips. Unfortunately, once she goes through ‘the change’, this body fat distribution shifts into the stomach area. Once the estrogen levels begin to decrease rapidly, a woman who once had a pear-shaped body can get a rounder abdomen.

During this time, the testosterone levels in the female body will also begin to drop. The loss of this hormone will cause a decrease in muscle mass. When the body loses muscle mass, this causes the metabolism to slow down also. The body is not able to process carbohydrates as easily, and this can lead to excess and tummy Imbalances.

Menopause can also cause excess tummy fat because hormonal changes also lead to changes in a woman’s sleep pattern. The fat cells are then signaled to release cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that is produced when the body is under stress, and this can lead to fat storage throughout the body.

So, if you are looking to get and keep a flatter tummy after you are 50, avoid strenuous cardio. In fact, a lot of cardio can cause the body to produce more Cortisol. Instead, focus on strength training and moderate exercise.

The Apple Shape

Every woman has a different shape, and women who have the classic apple shape are more prone to unevenly disbursed tummy fat. For example, if most of the women who are in your family have larger stomachs than larger butts or hips, your genetics may play a role in the areas of the body where you gain weight.

Although you cannot change your DNA, there are some steps you can take to modify the expression of your genes. This means that exercise and diet will also be important in fighting your battle against the budge.

The most effective strategy for these women is to avoid the consumption of simple carbohydrates and increase their intake of lean proteins. The body needs more energy to burn protein than it needs to burn simple carbs. If you do decide to eat carbs, eat them sparingly and choose healthier carb options like whole grains. Including more exercise will also help.

Belly Bloat

This is a problem that is not related to fat storage in the stomach area, and instead is a sign of fluid retention or excess gas. The main culprit for this is usually diet, and some foods you eat will cause your body to retain fluid or gas in the abdomen. Some people may have an allergy to certain foods, while others may have a medical condition such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

Your doctor may want you to begin eliminating certain foods from your diet to see if the symptoms disappear. For example, your doctor may suggest eliminating animal protein or dairy and increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables. Or, you may have a sensitivity to gluten, so you may have to dramatically cut back or eliminate these foods from your diet completely.

These are some of the reasons why you may have unbalanced tummy fat on your body. Once you have determined the reason(s), you can take the necessary steps to minimize excess fat storage and keep your body bikini ready.


What Fat Burners Are Safe To Use While Breastfeeding?

Are there any safe fat burners while breastfeeding that you can take? There are a few but you have to be very careful in what you choose. If you want to find out what those fat burners are, then continue to read on. 

Fit Tea PostNatal

This fat burner claims you can increase your metabolism with it, which will help you burn fat fast. Not only that, but the supplement has been formulated to increase the production of milk. If you want to burn fat, improve your metabolism and increase your milk production, then Fit Tea PostNatal may be for you.

There are other benefits the supplement offers. For example, it can build your child’s immune system because it increases good antibodies within your body, which will then benefit your baby when you breastfeed them. Furthermore, the supplement doesn’t contain any stimulants or caffeine. 

Another benefit is it can improve energy levels. The chances are you’re quite tired throughout the day. Fit Tea PostNatal may provide you with more energy, so you don’t have to feel sluggish or tired in the middle of the day.

As for where you can buy it, there are a number of places. You can purchase it in select stores or online. It’s up to you as to where you want to buy it from. 

Shred For Her

This supplement is a blend of powerful ingredients such as raspberry ketones, green tea extract and citrus aurantium extract. These ingredients combined can help you lose overall body fat and improve your metabolism. What this means is you can burn more calories, even while you’re sleeping. 

Shred For Her is a completely natural fat burner and it was formulated specifically for women who want to lose weight. It will help you control your appetite and boost your energy levels, but without causing you to feel jittery. In fact, having more energy is likely one of the first effects you’ll notice when you start using Shred For Her.

Do bear in mind that it’s a good idea to exercise while using Shred For Her. You’ll probably get results without exercising. However, if you want to maximize your results, then make sure you exercise at least a few times per week. 

FitMiss Burn

FitMiss Burn is popular among women who have given birth because it is powerful and has been known for helping women achieve results in as little as two weeks or less. It does a great job at suppressing the appetite and it will give you a lot of energy. If you’re looking for an effective fat burner that is powerful, safe to take and one that doesn’t cost a lot of money, then this is it.

The above fat burners may be safe to use while breastfeeding. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to speak with your doctor before you take any kind of fat burner while you’re breastfeeding, regardless of what the label on the bottle says. With that said, feel free to do additional research on the above fat burners, speak with your doctor and then decide which one you should use.


Does Pre Workout Make You Gain Weight?

Almost everyone involved in physical fitness is on the hunt for any extra edge they can get, and that’s a big reason why there’s a steady stream of ‘breakthroughs’ showing up all the time in terms of workout techniques. 

That’s also a big reason why so many different fitness supplements are available on the market, including pre-workout drinks. 

Pre-workout supplements should help you find the motivation and energy for working out, but they might also lead to side effects that backfire on you. Always consult a physician prior to supplement use so that you can skip undesired side effects.


During a hard workout, especially in the heat, you’re likely to sweat quite a bit as your body tries to cool down its rising temperature. Regrettably, many pre-workout drinks make this effect worse given how much caffeine they have in them. 

When taken in big doses, caffeine is something that can make your body temperature go up, possibly contributing to dehydration by working like a diuretic. Also, the University of Maryland Medical Center says that when caffeine is combined with creatine, which is itself a popular ingredient for pre-workout snacks and beverages, the combination might boost your odds of getting dehydrated.


Whether you lift weights, swim, or run, having the ability to control the movements of your body without shaking is best. On the other hand, caffeine, especially in high volumes, can cause jitters, twitching, and uncontrolled muscle movements just because it can excite the human nervous system. 

These uncontrolled movements are annoying in the best of circumstances, but in the worst of circumstances, they’re dangerous. The caffeine in your pre-workout might cause you to do things like dropping a weight, crashing your bike, or having some other workout-related incident.

The Potential For Liver And Kidney Problems

Even though research indicates that including creatine in pre-workout snacks might help you pack on muscle, there’s a price to pay. The University of Maryland Medical Center states that creatine use can result in kidney damage, further warning that anyone with high blood pressure, liver disease, and/or kidney disease needs to avoid this substance.

Gaining Weight

If the reason you work out is so that you can lose weight, then your pre-workout might actually be sabotaging you. On top of caffeine, pre-workout snacks or meals might have lots of carbs to be a source of energy.

If you aren’t monitoring your calories carefully, then pre-workout calories might just accumulate and turn into weight gain. On top of that, gaining weight is already a documented side effect of creatine, so your bathroom scales and waistline might not be too appreciative.

High Blood Pressure

The central ingredients to many pre-workouts are caffeine and creatine, and that’s a potential hazard because they might lead to high blood pressure. The University of Maryland Medical Center states that creatine can cause blood pressure to go up, so anyone with that condition should avoid it. 

Caffeine can likewise instigate substantial increases in a person’s blood pressure, and definitely should be avoided prior to exercises like weightlifting.

castor oil

Does Rubbing Castor Oil On Belly To Lose Weight Work?

When it comes to losing weight, you may feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle. However, it is a battle that needs to be done especially if you want to lose weight or meet your fitness goals. 

There are many things that can help you to speed up your rate of weight loss, and one of these is castor oil. This oil can be taken internally and externally in order to target belly fat and help you to get the flat stomach that you desire. We’ll now take a look at exactly how you can use castor oil to help reduce body fat. 

The first method involves creating a castor oil belly wrap in order to focus on abdominal fat. You will need to get three tablespoons of castor oil, plastic wrap, flannel to cover your stomach, hot water bottle and a towel. 

The first thing you need to do is lay down and use the rolled towel behind your back to support it. Then, you pour the castor oil on your stomach and massage it with your fingertips in a circular motion for approximately 10 minutes. 

You should then place the flannel over your stomach and secure it there using the plastic wrap. Lastly, place the hot water bottle on top of your stomach, on top of the wrap and leave this for 10 minutes before you remove everything. It is recommended that you do this regularly in order to see a reduction in your stomach fat.

Another way that you can use castor oil for weight loss is to consume 2 or 3 teaspoons before you eat breakfast. However, this is quite difficult to do, due to the taste. As a result, you can mix it with some juice and then drink the mixture. 

Once you have taken it, you will need to use the toilet shortly after for a bowel movement. Once you take castor oil in this way for at least a week, you will definitely see a reduction in your body weight and belly fat.

 However, it is essential that you don’t take this every day since prolonged use will have many negative health effects such as chronic constipation and even weakening of the colon. 

A next option is to take castor oil with ginger tea. You will need an inch of ginger root that has been crushed, a green tea bag, a cup of water and one tablespoon of castor oil. 

Then, you place the water to boil and once it has boiled, you can add the ginger and allow it to boil for three more minutes. Take off the flame and strain the liquid into a cup and place the teabag and allow it to steep. Remove the tea bag, add the castor oil and drink. 

In closing, we have just looked at a few ways that you can use castor oil to lose weight. However, in addition to using this oil, you should ensure that you’re eating healthy and in a caloric deficit. Exercise is also advisable and you’ll definitely see those extra pounds disappear.