Reasons for Uneven Fat Distribution

You Don’t Get A Say
In Where Fat Pops Up… Or Do You?

Our society is not happy with where the human body stores its lipids. Pop music tells us to exercise enough so that we can get “little in the middle” while at the same time ensuring that we maintain “much back” as they say. Many workouts promise to deal specifically with “problem areas” of unevenly fat distribution.

Fat Reallocation In Different Parts of Body

There are other means that are more drastic when it comes to distribution of uneven fat: The Kardashians prefer to have body fat move from their tummy to their buttocks. Some women, on the other hand, prefer it taken from their thighs to their breasts. These women choose surgery because nature stashes away excess energy in the form of flab.

And since it is hard to fight nature, these women think of ways to correct what nature has given them. If your body packs pounds on your butt, tummy or upper arms, you will continue to have fat in these areas as the body will always store fat in these areas.

Squats And Sit-Ups Can Help Shape Our Bodies

While squats and sit-ups can help shape our bodies in a different way, no amount of exercise or diet will change the area where your body stores lipids. The only way to make your body store lipids in a different place is by changing your sex hormones.

Two Major Drivers of Fat Storage

This is due to the fact that estrogen and testosterone are the two major drivers of fat storage and are the major reason why men and women have different body shapes when it comes to chub. Female bodies often store lipids in butts and thighs while male bodies store fat in the stomach.

It is also the reason why men have more cardiovascular problems than women. Abdominal fat exacerbates metallic issues and triggers metabolic changes that negatively affect the cardiovascular system.

However, it is not as straightforward as “testosterone can make you store fat in your stomach.” In fact, those men with low testosterone store lipids in their tummy. It is the reason why men with will get a potbelly look as they age (men’s natural testosterone levels reduce as they age).

Estrogen and testosterone facilitate leanness overall and androgens, a class of sex steroids that includes testosterone) have different effects depending on sex. This system is complex, and the fact that it is hard to study differences like this makes it more complicated.

Many people either remain biologically female or biologically male throughout their lives meaning that there are a few windows where we can determine how a significant change in sex hormones can have an impact on body fat. Puberty is the most obvious.

When the hormones of teenagers kick into high gear, they go through all kinds of bodily changes since estrogen and testosterone and to some extent, progesterone all promote secondary sex characteristics. Women develop breasts and wider hips while men suddenly put on muscle particularly in their chests. Men’s voices also deepen, and their testicles become mature.

Both men and women start growing body hair and experience a confusing new feeling of romance and lust which lead to some heartbreak. During puberty, we start to develop body fat in the characteristic places we mentioned earlier: men in the stomach and women in the butt and thighs.

This is due to the fact that adipose tissue in different parts of the human body has receptors for different types of hormones. Fat in the stomach, particularly, visceral fat surrounding the organs in our body respond well to androgens that is testosterone. Researchers believe that this is because of the fact that androgen receptors are present in visceral fat cells.

Subcutaneous Fat

Subcutaneous fat, which develops under our skin has estrogen receptors. Subcutaneous fat also produces and stores estrogen meaning that the more fat your body has, the higher your estrogen levels. This explains why people with very low body fat percentages will most likely stop menstruating since without enough estrogen around to control things the hormonal cycles are screwed up.